The residential stair lifts on the market can be bought in different forms, sizes and features. It’s hard to choose the best residential stair lifts for your home.

In the first place you need to answer at some simple questions about the residential stair lift that suites you best. Here are the best question that you should ask yourself:

  • do I need a residential stair lift? If it’s possible for you to move down stairs, why invest in a stair lift?
  • how wide are my stairs?
  • what type of stair I have, curved or straight?
  • what will be the initial cost of a residential stair lift?
  • what will be the maintenance cost of a residential stairlift?
  • for how long will I use the residential stairlift? Do I need to buy one, or just rent a stair lift?

After finding the right answer to such questions here are some of the well known and one of the best residential stair lifts:

Just read more about residential stair lifts, and check the other brands too. The best decision maker is you!

Bruno Stair Lifts make any home wheelchair accessible.

In this bruno stair lift video we find out the following benefits:

  • superior styling of Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010
  • 10 years of research for Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010
  • improved stability of Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010
  • smoothed ride of the chair
  • elegant sophistication
  • weight capacity 400 lbs in Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010
  • obstacle sensor
  • offset seat
  • rail install near to the wall
  • adjustable sear, armrest and fore set
  • easy access to the stair
  • no trailing wires for Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010
  • no stuck in a power failure because it has two batteries of 12 volts

Electra Ride Elite SRE 2010 Bruno Home Stairlift is ideal for you.