Ameriglide Stair Lifts Review

stair-lifts17AmeriGlide is one of the most leading companies of America which is serving the customers with the stair lifts of innovative technology for years after years. The dependability, service maintenance and cost effective stair lifts made then unique among the other branded companies. Various types of stair lifts are available from which you can choose the one that suits your purpose and the interior design of the home.

Electric powered stair lifts: AmeriGlide lifts powered with electric supply are better suited for multilevel houses. Depending on your needs you can choose from the types of outdoor, reconditioned or heavy duty stair lifts which are different variations of electric stair lifts. The most beneficial side of this kind is the long lasting service warranty that ensures the full satisfaction of the buyers.

Battery powered stair lifts: AmeriGlide battery driven stair lifts are featured with the workability in power failure. So you don’t need to be bothered or stuck in the up or down stairs when the power is cut out. In AmeriGlide stair lifts safety is presented as the main priority and these stair lifts proved as the best in securing this as the stair lifts supports A17.1 and A18 safety standards.

Reconditioned stair lifts: Factory reconditioned AmeriGlide stair lifts comes along the features of cost effectiveness and the fact is you will not be yielding any safety measure for choosing this type. All possible probing are done over the refurbished stair lifts while overhauling for any sign of damage or malfunctioning of the stair lifts. If any portion of the machine is found in a weary condition then it’s fully replaced to make sure that the rider will get the total safety and comfort in the ride. After the thorough inspection on these the company will provide the identical warranty as it gives for a new one.

Associated features:

  • • Overhauled by professional engineers
  • • Damaged and worn out portions are fully replaced
  • • Comes along 1 year component warranty and 2 years of driving train warranty
  • • Once the inspection is done the stair lifts get the look of the brand new products

Reliable dealers of AmeriGilde stair lifts can be found all over the country. So contact your nearby service providers to check out the products by your own.

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