Bison Stair Lifts Review

stair-lifts11Bison stair lift suppliers are one of the top most reputed manufacturers of UK. It’s 20 years skill and experience that made them unique in modeling and manufacturing stair lifts of cutting edge technology. Selecting the bison stair lifts will be the righteous choice for you to live up a posh and trouble free life.
Bison stair lifts are quite available in the market with a variety to types and functionality. The most popular bison stair lifts models are given below:

Bison straight stair lifts:

Bison straight stair lifts are one of the most reliable models because of the unique technology used to add up extra comfort for the rider and reliability in service.
Bison 50 – the “chair model”: The Bison 50 stair lift model is the newest model that hit the market and already one of the top selling straight stair lifts of the world. This model of Bison stair lift is incorporated features like easy installation, smooth ride and dependability in service and operation. The sleek design can surely be fitted in the narrow straight stairs and can be folded in a size less than 12 inch. The built in rechargeable DC battery makes sure that you don’t feel any difficulty in the power failures. The model is a combined pack of safety and styles that will suit the interior design of your home and undoubted satisfy your purpose.
Bison 50 the “stand and perch” model: Bison 50 stand and perch is particularly manufactured considering the people who got complexity in sitting and for those who feel more comfort while standing rather than sitting. Perch seat of the stair lift can vary from 650 to 850 mm (24-33 inches) depending on what seat height is used among the available six types. The model is integrated with a barrier safety arm and a safety belt feature that ensures the safe and comfortable ride of the user.
Bison compact model:
These are basically outdoor staircases, come along the same varieties like chair or stand and perch and an extra addition is the “external model” is also available in this kind.

Bison curved stair lifts:

If you are looking for a curved stair lift then bison 80 will be the perfect amenity for you.
Bison 80 – curved stair lift model: the bison stair lift 80 model is the outcome of studying the structure of lifts focused to increase the level of comfort and dependability. The model comes along many of the features of the bison top selling straight stair lifts and is one of the leading products of the market incorporated with huge range of accessories and superb options. The modular rail pattern of the model added a whole new level to the stair lift as it’s can be installed in almost every kind of curved staircases.
You can go through the latest news published on the product brochures or simply contact with a nearby bison dealer close to residential area. While choosing the best suited bison stair lift for your home interior you can browse the various range of products posted on the bison web site.

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