Brooks Stair Lifts

stair-lifts13Brooks Stair lifts are one of the top rated amenities in the market due to its long lasting service, low cost maintenance and higher degree of dependability.
The stair lifts are designed to run on DC power supply and automated recharge feature is activated after each ride. So power failure will not hamper you from moving up and down stairs anymore. This power system ensures that the stair lifts are noise quiet and incredibly gentle and smooth in ride. All the brooks stair lifts are manufactured to support BS5776 and BS5900 Standards
Associated features:

  • No extra noise , whisper calm
  • Gentle start up and stop mechanism – no abrupt jerks
  • Ultra comfort in riding
  • User friendly joystick control
  • Remote controlled operation – no extra wires
  • Low power consumption with almost zero possibility of shock
  • Electromechanical brake featured with speed control governor
  • Fast delivery – delivery within days , installation within hours

stair-lifts14The installation procedure is no more a lengthy process as long as you are choosing the brooks stair lift. The providers are the quickest company who sets up the stair lifts within the least amount of time. If you need the repositioning of the main heat radiator or the identical devices or the banister rails then leave the task upon the providers and let the experts of brooks to get your job done.
The customer care service team is always ready to discuss any type of question the consumers may have and they provide you an information package. Moreover they will pay no obligation visits to the customer’s house to suggest the perfect stair lifts to suit the staircases. You will be getting the service of customer are team from 20 different branches all over the nation.
Brooks Stair lifts come along with a guarantee of a time period of 12 months from the set up date. The guarantee will cover up all the mechanical malfunctioning including defects in the structure.

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