Bruno Stair Lifts

home-stair-lifts-brunoBruno Independent Living Aids is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting – edge technology stair lifts. Bruno stair lifts are the best selling product all over the North America. This company will provide you the finest DC powered (comes along rechargeable battery) stair lifts which can be used for both home and commercial purpose. You can check out the indoor straight or curved rail Bruno stair lifts or the commercial purpose outdoor stair lifts which are quite available in the market.
Bruno straight rail stair lifts are mostly known as Electra-Ride Straight Rail Stair lifts which are top notch products of this experienced company. Among the models three ( Electra-Ride LT, Electra-Ride –II and Electra-Ride Elite)can be used for indoor purpose and the fourth is known as Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite featured with weather proof structure and can be used for accessibility in front door deck or in any other public building.
stair-lifts15Depending on the purpose and fund you can choose from a variety of features that suits your need. Bruno stair Lift Company is the largest stair lift manufacturer which got iso-9001 certification. It really doesn’t matter which model you choosing, the providers will ensure that you are getting the best of their service and standards of quality. It’s the experience of more than a decade that made them unique in their job as the stair lifts are innovative in style and reliable in service.
Bruno curved stair lift model Electra-Ride III will provide you a smooth and safe ride and can be set up on virtually all types of curved staircases.
Cutting-edge technology of curved stair lifts ensures that the rider will get the full stability while moving up and down stairs. Power failure won’t bother you anymore because it’s featured with rechargeable DC battery and the inner turns will allow flexible movement in the curvature on each side of the stairs. Moreover its stylish appearance will add up a whole new level in your interior home design.
Associated features:

  • Weight carrying capacity up to 400 lb
  • The built in swivel seat offers a safe and easy entrance and exit for the riders
  • Directly driven gear tool – no belts are used for low maintenance
  • Digital display for diagnosis
  • Spacious seat – featured with arm rest, height controlling option and flip up seats.

Preferences :

  • Selection of upholster can be modified in seven different modes
  • Swivel seat designed to suit top landing for a easy exit
  • Footrest with power fold – automated flipping according to the raise or lowering of the seat.
  • Featured with middle park and charge break for the stair cases which got landing at the middle of top and bottom ending
  • Bigger footrest
  • Expansive seat with extra depth in seat
  • Various Rail options.

If you are looking for stair lifts that will suit your home and purpose both then Bruno stair lifts will be the best you can get. So if you are buying a stair lift then buy a Bruno product with confidence. You will get dealer and customer care service providers all over the country who are trained to solve difficulty that any consumer may face.

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