Residential Elevators

Are you looking for an appliance that will enhance the comfort of your lifestyle to a whole new level? If the answer is yes then a residential stair lift can be the perfect device you are seeking.
Whether it is the numerous trips of up and down stairs with furniture, groceries, seasonal items or laundry no matter how many times you move above the ground floor you will undoubtedly feel that residential stair lift is the perfect choice you made to live up a trouble free life. Most of the stair lifts come along with the combination of safety and style which make these so unique.
“Must know” facts regarding Residential Elevators:
A residential can add up to 10% of the home value of your lifestyle based on the fact s of US national home value average
The results of NAHB Study 2004 shown that 91,000 a residential stair lift is the next “must have’ amenity they would like to add into their interior design
Power consumption and maintenance is low- can be compared with a furnace or air conditioner
It will provide you more space for your home design as it covers only 24 square feet where typical stairs require up to 100 square feet of space
In risk of falling from the stairs will reduce in an extent of million times via using residential stair lifts.
Though depending on the manufacturers there may be variations in the types but generally three basic kinds of residential stair lifts are available in the market:
Lev® – This is the top selling home stair lift which got the features of cutting edge stair lift technology with a superb value.
Windsor® – This type is ideal for setting up in the existing houses. The whole unit is compact, cost effective and really an appropriate solution for homes with dual floor.
Minivator® – as the name depicts, this kind is the perfect platform where space is the most premium feature. All other features are identical to an average fully functional stair lift
The additional features like door interlocks, emergency light, alarm, cell phone port, cable safety devices etc will come along each of the types which will undoubtedly satisfy your safety precaution.

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