Stair Lifts Rentals

While buying a stair lift the consumers often face the question “what will be the better thing to do? Buying a new stair lift or renting one?” The fact is renting is quite popular among the buyers as it got beneficial features like small initial payment during set up and monthly payment system which is really a viable choice, especially for those who got limited funds.
But the fact is the long term use of a rental stair lift will cost more than the bought one. Though it may appear that you are paying less but you will be paying the double if you keep on using the rented the stir lift for long days. It’s because the maintenance cost and monthly payment will definitely exceed the price of a brand new stair lift if used for long term. So if you are thinking of getting the service for a short span of time then it’s okay otherwise it’s really a bad option.
While renting a home stair lift you must be aware of the terms and conditions that will be written in the contract. The stipulations may vary depending on a stair lift company or a specific model. Try to be thorough as you read the printed conditions and do not skip the small writings because rental stair lifts come along packages that may seem cost friendly though actually it’s not.
According to the normal standard costing you will be paying an amount of £500 to £1000 as deposit money. The initial installations, maintenance, break down cover, power supply and the removal cost (if the stair lift is longer needed) and even the payments of first 3 months – all these are included in the initial payment. Though the monthly payment may vary depending on the companies and provided services but the monthly costing will be around an amount of £50-£100.
One thing you must keep in mind that rental stair lifts are available only for the straight stair lift models. To remove you doubt about what kind you really need actually you can go throw the measuring guides to popular companies. As most of the rentals are usually pre-used models so you will get a limited option of choosing colors.

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