Stair Lifts Types

Various types of stair lifts are prevalent in the market and all these come with different features and benefits. If an individual wants to have one for home or commercial purpose then she/he must be aware of the pros and cons of each kind to find the type that will suit him/her most.

The general types of stair lifts are noted below:

Straight rail stair lifts: For the purpose home use and private dwelling straight rail stair lifts are mostly used. As the name depicts, it has a straight rail framed with staircase steps. Straight staircase requires fewer installation procedures and less manufacturing time comparing the other kinds.

Curved rail stair lifts: Curved stair lifts are designed in a particular pattern to suit the staircases that got corners and bends. As the rails of this stair lifts are custom built, it’s quite expensive than the other kinds. It takes approximately three to ten weeks to install this stair lift in the home stairs. A curved stairlift often reuire more maintenance and service than a regular kind. It’s because an additional stress is applied to the chair to move around the curvature of the track.If you have a flatlanding staircase then you may think of fixing two straight stairlifts which will work as an alternate option to the curved one.

Outdoor stair lifts: Usually seats, footplates, perches or platforms are the common features that come along the outdoor stair lifts. This kind is quite identical to the indoor stair lifts but these got better weatherproof qualities.

Wheelchair platform stair lifts: Wheelchair stair lifts are generally heftier then the home stair lifts. This kind is mainly used in commercial places like public buildings and non residential structures. The platform of wheelchair stair lift is big enough to fit the wheel chair and the rider. Depending on the design there may be folding edges of flaps which may drop down and used for ramps to permit variations in different floors. These flaps prevent the wheelchair from moving toward the edge also. For supporting the load the rails of this stair lifts are made of heavy construction and a particular type of tubular section rail or aluminum extrusion is fitted with the system. Some of the models got steel cables while other has rack and pinion system inside the tube.
Among all the types consumers can check out for the perfect one for their home use or to fit the stair lift in a public building. All of these are sold by various trustworthy manufacturers and quite available in the market.


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