Stannah Stair Lifts

stair-lifts18Stannah is a British family originated stair lift company which truly believes in the rules of dependable service, unique quality and total safety. It was 1975 when Stannah started setting up their own manufactured stair lifts and since then the number of installed stair lifts exceeded 400,000 across the globe.
Customers enjoy the wide range of multipurpose stair lifts provided by Stannah and anyone can check out the models to find out appropriate model for them.

Stannah straight stair lifts (latest range):

Solus model: The Solus model is a perfect combination of modern trend and cutting edge technology. It is developed after studying the customer choice evaluation and featured with the purpose meeting capability of the consumers. The Solus stair lifts are built on focusing the Stannah values of quality products, trouble free service and ensured safety measures.
Sofia model: Sofia stair lifts are the ultimate solution for comfort and style. This type is designed hand in hand with the customers to give it a stylish outlook integrated with all the possible specifications that is yearned by the customer in their favorite amenity.

Stannah curved stair lifts (classic range):

Sarum model: A perfect solution for the curved staircases is the Sarum model. It’s mainly designed for moving through round bends in a trouble free manner and navigate the complicated stair case patterns. The Sarum chair is affixed with a bespoke rail which copes with the exact dimension of the different types of stairs.
Saxon model: Saxon model of Stannah stair lifts Comes along with a vast range of pragmatic features to make the ride smooth and gentle and to make sure a dependable service is provided. The sleek shape and the cost effectiveness are the especial qualifications of this model.
Other products (outdoor model):
Outdoor model: The outdoor model is the best suited one for solving the commercial purpose of a stair lift in public buildings or in the entrance of any public structure. This model will ensure that your external steps are not a problem anymore because its full functionality and reliable service will give total satisfaction to the riders.

All the models of Stannah stair lifts come along a warranty of 2 years and they provide two free of cost maintenance events to the customers. The most attractive feature they have is the unconditional money back guaranty in 14 days if the quality does not satisfy the customer’s purpose and choice.

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