Summit Stair Lifts

summit-lift-chairsSummit stair lifts are one of the top selling amenities of the America which proved its worth via reliable service; top notch product quality and easy maintenance options. Customers have the option to choose from three different models to find out the perfect one for their use.

Summit max:

A unique model with all the possible features of comfort and safety provided to the rider
Associated features:
• Easy to install
• Works on either portion of the stair
• Fitted with the stairs
• Capable of reaching up to 20 feet
• Extruded aluminum track is used
• User friendly control system featured with constant – pressure pendant
• Two different call control buttons
• Automatic turn off after reaching destination
• Spacious seat with a height of 20”(top) & 23”( bottom)
• Seat can rotate 1800 to ensure easy and safe entrance and exit
• To prevent the ride in improper position of seat safety switch is attached
• Load capacity – 500 lbs ; aircraft cable with 4200lbs rating
• Upholster of vinyl or leather available in 3 different colors
• Less power consumption – 115 VAC , 15 amp
• Gentle start and stop system
• Warranty: 2-5 years excluding service and maintenance
• Manufactured in America

Pinnacle stair lifts:

Pinnacle stair lifts are featured with most of the qualities of summit max and this type comes with some additional specification.
Additional Features:
• Moves up to a height of 75 feet
• Used track is Anodized extruded aluminum which is modified in the factory to fit the stairs
• The tracks cover only 7.5” of staircase and folded chair takes 11” from the wall
• Wireless remote call/send controls
• Call or send controls are remote operated , no messy wires
• Safety sensors on foot rest and chassis stop the lift should it contact anything on the stairs
• Foot resting pad is featured with safety sensors chassis stopping is prevalent in case of getting touched with any obstacles
• 350 lbs capacity
• Consumers can choose from four different colors
• DC operated system capable of up to 40 trips in the event of a power outage
• DC battery powered and can cover up to 40 trips in power failure
• 3 years warranty for the components;
Battery warranty – 1 year and life time warranty is given for gear rack

Summit stairway lifts:

This model is another superb product of summit stair lifts that supports all the common features including some extra ones.
Additional Features:

• The track captures a small portion of 10” of the staircase and a folded chair covers only 14” from the wall.
• The control unit mounts on any of the two armrest
• Call controls / send controls are mounted on the wall or floor at the top and bottom of the stairs which can be activated via foot or finger

• Safety sensor is used to stop the stair lift automatically if it gets in touch with anything
• Seats can swivel up to 900
• Load taking Capacity up to 300 lbs with aircraft cables of 42,000 lbs holding capacity
• 3-5 years warranty for both parts and power train
Summit service centers and certified dealers are available all over the country. So if you are looking for the best product with least effort and money then Summit stair lifts will be the best you will get around.

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