Wheelchair Stair Lifts

Wheelchair stair lifts are the cost effective alternative of elevators and much more stylish than any ramp. So if you need wheel chair access in your house or a public structure then wheel chair stair lift is the best option you will get. The chair lift stairs of reputed and trustworthy manufacturers are made with cutting edge technology with sleek and cozy models to make the ride a whole new experience to the user. Wheel chair lifts are often referred as vertical platform stair lifts or simply vertical lifts.
Depending on the different companies the model and associated features may vary a lot. The top two series of ThyssenKrupp Access’ wheelchair lifts are given below which are quite popular among the customers:
Porch lift® series wheel chair stair lifts come along with the features like easy ride, low profile and small footprints. Doesn’t matter how big or little the problem is , whether a single step or a few floors a long as you got this series with you , your trouble will reduce to the level zero. Five models of Porch lift series are available in the market and surely you will find out the perfect one from these:
Porch-Lift PL-RA (residential chair lift stairs): One unique solution to beat the obstacles you may face in and around the home.
Porch-Lift PL-S (the standard model for typical users): The top rated stair lifts for public buildings which can be conveniently customized with distinctive accessibility difficulties.
Porch-Lift PL-TG (toe guarding model): This kind of wheel chair stair lift is mainly constructed for protecting the rider and the beneficial factor is it requires minimum amount of constructional facility for the owner of the building.
Porch-Lift PL-ENC (Enclosed model): This model is suitable for indoor and outdoor purpose that allows the user have access to building mezzanines, entrances or balconies.
Porch-Lift PL-EZE (Cost effective enclosed lift): A cost effective alternative of enclosed chair lift that fulfills the requirements of enclosed wheel chair lift stairs.
Porch-Lift PL-P (portable chair lift stair): The premiere mobile wheel chair lift stair can be used anywhere and provides the user temporary access when it’s needed most.
Carrier-Lift® inclined stair lifts are mostly recommended for extra adaptability and accessibility for the commercial building which got limitation in affordable space.
All the models are equipped with safety measurements to reduce all the possible risks and to aid the rider in building his/her ADA complaint.

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